Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Jam... Goodnight Tonight

So a few weeks back my pals and I had a wild Friday night. One of those Friday nights that kind of happen at the last minute and end up lasting well into Saturday morning. We were invited by an Italian lass to what the young folks used to call a "Rave" (I was told this term is now intimidating and passe).
Anyhow, we had to cab it out to the middle of nowhere. The SOMA neighborhood of San Francisco, 26th St. and Tennessee Ave. or some other combination of numbers and states. Basically old warehouses and trucking docks. Very industrial, very sparsely populated. In fact when the Yellow Cab pulled up to the address we were given we thought we had made a terrible mistake. There was not a soul to speak of and all was dark and quiet. That is until a tall, exotic looking woman flung open a large steel door on the side of the windowless building in front of us and welcomed us in.
We wandered about the massive building following a continuous thumping bass like sonic breadcrumbs from some twisted futuristic version of Hansel and Gretel. At the end of a long, empty hallway was a set of doors that opened up into... well... a rave. In the middle of this trucking depot was a two level dance club complete with bar, lounge, light show, and smoking section. It was pretty damn ridiculous. We got there at midnight but the word amongst the crowd was that it wouldn't really start swinging for another 4 or 5 hours. The after party started at 7:00am the next day.
The dance floor was pretty empty. Most people seemed self-concious, but dammit we had come all this way and we were not to be deterred by silly things like appearance or reputation (and lets face it, I ain't got one). My friends and I got out there and grooved to a pretty awful batch of electronic music. Monotonous and droning. Not much melody to go off of just THUMP THUMP THUMP. But thats when something incredible happened... the DJ, perhaps sensing a growing atmosphere of awkwardness, mixed in a track that while uncharacteristic for a contemporary club scene was exactly what the doctor ordered.
Goodnight Tonight, a 1979 disco single by Sir Paul McCartney and Wings.
Shit got real, fast! Smiles were cracking on everyone's faces. Booties once still on the sidelines were all at once a-shakin'. It was magical. It was the highlight of the rave...errr.... warehouse party. All it took was some intuition, risk, and the drop of a needle and suddenly a summer jam was born.

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  1. Hmm... while I love P Mc, it's sort of a soft tune. Very good groove, careless-ish lyrics and what is up with Linda's hair? It is a very interesting video shoot though!