Friday, July 1, 2011

Summer Jams... Can I Kick It?

A Tribe Called Quest. What a friggin group! Not only did they birth the careers of Q- Tip and "Lucy Pearl" member Ali Shaheed, but they killed it with the party jams. With summer firmly upon us I have found myself rocking the old mainstay "Can I Kick It?" far more often than is probably deemed healthy. The ubiquitous bass line from "Walk On The Wild Side" is instantly inviting and the rhymes are wickedly uplifting.

"Wipe your feet really good on the rhythm rug. If you feel the urge to freak do the jitterbug"

With lines that innocent and pop-lockin' you nearly forget about the age of hip hop we currently reside in. The age of self- absorbed superstars like Kanye holding the severed heads of emaciated supermodels in his videos and uber-agro Tyler the "Creator" dropping an F-Bomb every 3 seconds. While both of those dudes might be talented rappers with catchy as hell beats... they simply can't hold a flame to the simplicity of the Tribe's jam. Whether you are laying back to relax and smoke a J or you are booty shaking with a pretty lass, this song will stand by you. Summer is approximately 130,000 minutes long. Thats about 30,000 opportunities for you to shake your ass to this killer jam. Seeing as how its Independence Day weekend, y'all better get on that.


  1. Yes you can! You're probably already on top of this, but there's a Tribe documentary "coming soon to a city near you".

  2. I've had "Get it Together" in my head lately...

    "When MC's get in my face I'm like mace"

    I just realized, after about 12 years, that line is about pepper spray and not the rapper.