Saturday, December 7, 2013

Talking A Little Shop ( about the Military Industrial Complex...) - Interviews With Lannan Fellows

The Lannan Writing Residency is a three to eight week fellowship where poets, authors, journalists, and translators are invited to live and work in Marfa, Texas and present their work at the Marfa Book Company. Over the last couple months I've had the immense privilege of interviewing the Lannan fellows for our local NPR affiliate. In addition to reading their exceptional books, its a joy to be able to talk a little shop with writers who are reaching their prime after years of hard work.

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Scott Horton - Interview December 6th, 2013

Scott Horton is a fellow at The Nation Institute and a contributing editor at Harper’s magazine, where he covers legal and national security issues in his NO COMMENT column. Horton is currently working on a book discussing the erosion of democracy by a pervasive culture of secrecy, particularly in the area of national security.

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Nick Turse - Interview October 4th, 2013

Lannan resident Nick Turse is editor of His most recent books are Kill Anything that Moves and The Changing Face of Empire.

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